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brachylogy, briefness, brusqueness, compactness, compendiousness, conciseness, concision, crispness, curtness, dumbness, economy, economy of words, instantaneousness, laconicalness, laconicism, laconism, littleness, lowness, muteness, obmutescence, pauciloquy, pithiness, pointedness, quietness, quietude, reserve, sententiousness, short time, shortness, silence, sparingness of words, speechlessness, succinctness, summariness, swiftness, taciturnity, terseness, transience, unloquaciousness, untalkativeness, wordlessness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • Brevity — Brev i*ty, n.; pl. {Brevities}. [L. brevitas, fr. brevis short: cf. F. bri[ e]vit[ e]. See {Brief}.] 1. Shortness of duration; briefness of time; as, the brevity of human life. [1913 Webster] 2. Contraction into few words; conciseness. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • brevity — ► NOUN 1) concise and exact use of words. 2) shortness of time. ● brevity is the soul of wit Cf. ↑brevity is the soul of wit ORIGIN Latin brevitas, from brevis brief …   English terms dictionary

  • brevity — c.1500, from L. brevitatem (nom. brevitas) shortness in space or time, from brevis short (see BRIEF (Cf. brief)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • brevity — [n] shortness, briefness conciseness, concision, condensation, crispness, curtness, economy, ephemerality, impermanence, pithiness, pointedness, succinctness, terseness, transience, transitoriness; concepts 730,804 Ant. lengthiness, longevity,… …   New thesaurus

  • brevity — [brev′ə tē] n. [L brevitas < brevis, BRIEF] 1. the quality of being brief; shortness of time 2. the quality of being concise; terseness …   English World dictionary

  • Brevity — Infobox Comic strip caption=Cover of the second Brevity book released August 2007. title=Brevity 2 creator=Guy Rodd current= status=Current syndicate=United Media comictype=print genre=humor first=January 3 2005 last=Brevity is a single panel… …   Wikipedia

  • brevity — /brev i tee/, n. 1. shortness of time or duration; briefness: the brevity of human life. 2. the quality of expressing much in few words; terseness: Brevity is the soul of wit. [1500 10; < AF brevite, OF brievete. See BRIEF, ITY] Syn. 2.… …   Universalium

  • brevity — [[t]bre̱vɪti[/t]] 1) N UNCOUNT: oft N of n The brevity of something is the fact that it lasts for only a short time. [FORMAL] The bonus of this homely soup is the brevity of its cooking time. 2) N UNCOUNT Brevity is the use of only a few words to …   English dictionary

  • brevity — brev•i•ty [[t]ˈbrɛv ɪ ti[/t]] n. 1) shortness of time or duration; briefness 2) the quality of expressing much in few words • Etymology: 1500–10; < AF brevite, OF brievete. See brief, ity syn: brevity, conciseness refer to the use of few words …   From formal English to slang

  • brevity — brev|i|ty [ˈbrevıti] n [U] formal [Date: 1400 1500; : Latin; Origin: brevitas, from brevis; BRIEF1] 1.) the quality of expressing something in very few words →↑brief ▪ Letters published in the newspaper are edited for brevity and clarity. 2.) the …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • brevity — brev|i|ty [ brevəti ] noun uncount FORMAL 1. ) the use of only a few words: the brevity of her letter 2. ) the fact that something only lasts for a short time: the brevity of their romance …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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